bZx (b0x):
bZx is a protocol for next generation (b)0x-standard relays, it is the first fully decentralized, peer-to-peer margin funding and trading protocol. It can be integrated into the current exchange infrastructure. Exchanges and relays are incentivized by fees denominated in the bZx protocol token BZRX to offer decentralized margin lending and margin trading services. Assets are valued and liquidated via competing oracle providers.

ICO and use:
In order to use the bZx protocol, individuals must pay trading fees to the relays denominated in the BZRX token. Without access to the BZRX token, the smart contracts would be unavailable for use. We have devised two ways to facilitate access to the protocol:
  1. Traders and order takers may pay trading fees directly in ETH, causing BZRX to be minted into the wallet of the relay
  2. Traders and order takers may buy BZRX tokens from the bZx portal.
The public presale contract is live right now. Simply go to and click “BUY TOKEN” to purchase the tokens using your MetaMask, Ledger, or Trezor wallets. The process is as simple as sending a transaction.
Individuals choosing to buy the tokens from the portal will receive a 10% presale bonus, reducing the trading fees paid. 

Token Metrics:
ICO aims to raise a total of 36,500 ETH (7.3MM at $200/ETH) by selling 500,000,000 BZRX tokens.

Total Hardcap: 36,500 ETH ($7.3MM at $200/ETH)
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Token Price: 7.3 cents
Token Distribution: 500,000,000

In the near future they will be conducting an airdrop of the BZRX token, so it will be possible to get some for FREE.